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The Aero Socket Division of Socket Source specilizes in distributing aerospace quality socket screw products to AN, MS and NAS specifications.

All domestic and certifiable, our aircraft fasteners are manufactured to the latest procurement specifications revisions , FF-S-86 and FF-2-200.

Our inspection and quality control procedures meet the latest government requirements. Certification, test reports

and lot traceability are included on every item in every shipment. 



MS 16555-1 through MS 16555-87

MS 16555-301 through MS 16555-387

MS 16555-601 through MS 16555-687

MS 16555-801 through MS 16555-887

MS 16556-1 through MS 16556-87

MS 16556-301 through MS 16556-387

MS 16556-601 through MS 16556-687

MS 16556-801 through MS 16556-887

NASM16555 AND NAS16556

MS51932-6 through MS51932-23

MS51932-29 through MS51932-46

NAS607-1-2 through NAS607-8-24