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About US

Hello, it's Socket Source 

Founded by Paul Vittori in 1987, Socket Source has grown to be an industry leader. After 30 years of growth and development of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have become an industry leader and are now the “go to” source for distributors worldwide.


From hard to find fasteners, to materials and coatings, we provide our distributors with unparalleled workmanship, lead times and competitive prices.


We carry a wide variety of non-standard sizes off the shelf including: Type 316 Socket Head Cap Screws, Zinc Plated Sockets, Flanged Button Sockets, Low Head Sockets, Dowel Pins and all other non-standard sizes of Socket Products.

Our Vision at Socket Source is to be an ever growing source of fasteners parts manufactured right here in the USA for all of customers around the globe.